Shrine On: Installation Art: South Park Construction Fences


Los Angeles, CA (March 2016): In response to unruly construction fence graffiti across the 16 active construction sites in the district, the South Park Business Improvement District (BID) developed and implemented a resoundingly successful construction fence art project, reducing graffiti by 96% on a test site. Experimenting with one of the most vandalized construction fences in South Park, the BID worked with developers, construction companies, and students from the local Metro Charter Elementary School to create a replicable project for other sites.

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A focus of the South Park District is the continued celebration and development of art.  The South Park Business Improvement District are working on unique approaches and solutions to construction fences that are sites of tagging and vandalism in the community. This fence is one of the beautification attempts by the South Park BID to prevent and discourage vandalism to the area by promoting a collaborative community piece. Do Art & Shrine On’s creative approach was to incorporate a range of textures in the artwork placed on the fence as well as to celebrate community artwork from children in the District- using the fence as a place to publically display their work. Shrine On worked with METRO CHARTER School to create images, shapes, and objects that were decorated and placed on the fence.


Contemporary folk artist Shrine On was born and raised in Los Angeles and is well-known to the community for his incredible mural and installation works.   As a native of LA, he has been commissioned to paint over 55 murals on buildings, freeway passages and many other areas - adorning the City in the earlier part of his art career.  As his work and style developed, Shrine moved into installation and sculpture creating many pieces at festivals internationally, nationwide and throughout Southern California.   The artist creates balanced patterns and motifs that become more complex as the work develops. In both murals and sculptures, he uses unique elements to inform his art.