We are looking for skilled up and coming photographers to cover our events and projects and document artists that work with Do Art creating public art in Los Angeles, Montreal or any city around the world! You will need to have your own equipment and ability to provide high res images, or images ready for publication on social media and upload them to our server - it's a great way to get exposure and experience, as well as develop a portfolio in the art world.

Writing for Social media

We are looking for volunteers with an interest in Social Media Marketing to research like-minded online publications that will cover artists working in public art and art-related events that we can repost on our social media sites. This position can also cover creating unique content for our events, shows lead by Do Art or based on artists that we work with.


For the person who wants practical skills in arts development in the local community we are looking for help on researching opportunities for artists and public art in LA and Montreal. This would include grants, community events, foundations to support and upcoming building development projects.

Participate in projects

Our strength and foundation is reliant upon responsible volunteers who care deeply about fostering culture and helping the artists create their vision for us all to share. This volunteer position would be for those who want to have hands-on experience in assisting the Do Art staff and artists working on upcoming events, openings, and projects that we have in LA and Montreal

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