The Ubuntu Dance Project: Performance Sculpture: Grand Park

INSTALLATION SITE | Grand Park Los Angeles

Creating a 16ft long x 10/12ft wide rectangle, Do Art created a performance art installation with 2 way glass displayed on NYE in Grand Park.  Four artists from The Ubuntu Project performed a site specific piece inside of the rectangular cube made visible to the audience attending the event.  By manipulating light, when performers turned lights on inside of the rectangle the audience was able to see into the performance space.  When the lights inside of the rectangle are off, the installation became a mirrored surface for the audience to see themselves reflected back.


From the perspective of the NYE Grand Park theme as a global celebration, Do Art Foundation & Ubuntu Project bring you a performance art sculpture that is based on the perception of reality, spacial time and our connectedness as humans.  The mirror image of ourselves is seen in others, our actions are reflected in those around us including people in passing cars, people being born, people living in remote regions and those you touch on the subway.  We are in a combined existence with each other, and our movements are observed if not literally then through time shared.   This is our expression & celebration of sharing a New Year together.



Seeking an audience stimulated by radical thought, challenging intellect and the modesty of timeless beauty, we, The Ubuntudance Project, are a group of performers wanting to apply our gifts to something greater. We hope to find ways to raise awareness, for ourselves and for others, through movement and the beauty hidden within the grime of reality. We wish to explore human nature in all its forms, fearlessly, not to shock, rather to expose its complexity & the magnificent in it. We will turn through uncommonly mundane tales to uncover the mysteries of the natural, of all that surrounds us every day, facing all that we chose to forget to satisfy apathy. We will unearth the sacred in the smallness of the simple miracle of existence. In a society in which impermanence has been compressed into consumerism, we will take a closer look at the invariability of our own empathic nature, we will dance to all that we no longer pay attention to and let our truths unfold through all possible reflections. We will be honest, we will be sorry, we will make fun of it and we will dance it all out.


Now in its third year, N.Y.E. LA has become the go-to central gathering place in Los Angeles where Angelenos from all over Los Angeles County ring in the New Year.  This unique civic event, which has been recognized alongside major New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world, brings Angelenos and their family and friends together around the common purpose of looking forward with excitement to the future.  N.Y.E. LA will include music, dancing and compelling art installations, along with a remarkable countdown, featuring 3-D digital video mapping on two sides of City Hall.