Shrine On: Mural Art: Arts District

DoArt Foundation teamed up with Angel City Brewery and local artist Shrine On to create a new landmark mural on Angel City’s building in the overlap between Los Angeles’ Arts District and Little Tokyo neighborhoods.   This piece is a hallmark work that is now known as the gateway into the Arts District.  The artist used geometric patterns to signify a landscape work, the lower triangles as mountains and the upper shapes rain and sunshine.

Local contemporary artist Shrine On was born and raised in Los Angeles and is well known to the Arts District community for his incredible mural and installation work. His vision for this wall is to incorporate tones of yellow, blues, as well as the natural brick warmth throughout - and outlines of black. Shrines decorative lines as seen in his example works, reach the lower edges and indicate where others can place their work. As the inevitable artistic conversation will continue along the bottom, his work frames purposeful areas for artists to place their work in a way that will look ‘clean’ and organized in association with this masterful mural.