Andrew Hem & Mari Inukai: Mural Art: Little Tokyo District


In 1995, Mari came to the United States from Japan to pursue her studies in art. Mari’s paintings are an expression of her desires, ambitions, and hopes for the future, starting from where she stands now. Like water flowing, seeking its path, Mari channels her direction naturally, finding her importance as she travels forward. Discovering how her dreams and memories relate to her relationships with others from the standpoint of an artist and person, her paintings reflect all these feelings.



Born during his parents' flight from Cambodia in the wake of the Khmer Rouge genocide, Andrew Hem grew up poised in the balance between two cultures — the rural animistic society of his Khmer ancestors, and the dynamic urban arts of the tough Los Angeles neighborhood where his family eventually came to rest. Fascinated by graffiti at an early age, he honed his skills with graphics and composition on the walls of the city before following a passion for figure drawing to a degree in illustration from Art Center College of Design. Andrew Hem has exhibited in venues worldwide, from Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York and the Portsmouth Museum of Art in New Hampshire to solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Nashville, Miami, Toronto, Zurich and Lecce, Italy.