2501 | Hill St.

Italian muralist Jacopo Ceccarelli, aka 2501 created this mural at 930 South Hill street in downtown Los Angeles, behind the ACE Hotel.

Commissioned by the developers of the Piano Lofts, Metro Industries, and produced by Do Art, the large-scale mural is perched overlooking an active parking lot in the core of downtown. Famed for his minimalist monochromatic murals accented with gilded gold shapes, 2501 unveils and discusses his newest works for this community.

Famed for his minimalist monochromatic murals accented with gilded gold shapes, 2501 works with architecture, scale, and the site surroundings to design breathtaking monumental works of art. 

As it shares the perimeter of the parking lot with an adjacent  large red neon sign which reads "Jesus Saves" the artist titled the work "The Trinity/Jesus Saves".  

He writes: 

"As a Neo muralist I usually paint on the street stage which is always surrounded by people who work as other stimuli or characters involved in the creative process. My wall paintings are always site-specific so I take into consideration everything, and I somehow incorporate that all into the painting. I consider the whole creative process and the final resulting mural as an experience rather than an object. Downtown LA is a complex territory. It's always a strong experience painting and being there. By painting across the world made me realize how urban neighborhood are above all the backdrop of everyday life of their inhabitants but also a kind of larger and animated landscape. Artists can find a way to show those different and contradictory sides of the relationship between collective space and the life which flows through them, adapts to them, transforms or abandons them." - Jacopo Ceccarelli

About 2501
Hailing from Milan, 2501 began his career tagging Italian trains before migrating to São Paolo, where he honed his skills and experienced a stylistic maturation, evidenced in the elegant yet edgy murals that have brought him global recognition and admiration. Indebted to geometry and inspired by architecture, 2501’s murals are often perception-challenging and optically-stimulating, with his signature linear gestuality creates abstract illusions that are both hypnotic and kinetic. In addition to natural collaborations with architects and architectural firms, 2501 continues to explore global metropolises, small-town communities, and multi-cum-interdisciplinary projects through his ongoing Nomadic Experiment (http://nomadicexperiment.com/).