2501 Never: Mural: Eighth & Grand

“We have been admiring Jacopo’s work for years and are so thankful for the opportunity to have him painting and contributing his talents in Los Angeles. His astute attention to architecture and sophisticated style are aesthetically a great match and direction for the new paradigm that is developing in the urban core of LA .” - Carmen Zella - Founder & Executive Director of Do Art Foundation
Commissioned by Carmel Partners and produced by Do Art, the two murals include a landmark 106-foot by 17-foot facade on the Southwest facade of Eighth & Grand.  Following a residency in Miami and hot on the heels of several major recent street art projects in Chicago, Detroit, Izmir (Turkey), and Rome, 2501 drew inspiration from Los Angeles’ Mexican culture to create a visual narrative comprised of five chapters, five circles. Featuring traditional animals and symbols that appear in both American and Mexican cultures, the five circles interact with each other, reflecting Los Angeles’ dynamism and diversity. In creating a visual exchange between the two-dimensional spaces, the context, and both cultures involved, the piece operates thematically, symbolically, architecturally, and perceptually, engaging viewers in the rhythmical sequence, both up-close and from afar.

About 2501
Hailing from Milan, 2501 began his career tagging Italian trains before migrating to São Paolo, where he honed his skills and experienced a stylistic maturation, evidenced in the elegant yet edgy murals that have brought him global recognition and admiration. Indebted to geometry and inspired by architecture, 2501’s murals are often perception-challenging and optically-stimulating, with his signature linear gestuality creates abstract illusions that are both hypnotic and kinetic. In addition to natural collaborations with architects and architectural firms, 2501 continues to explore global metropolises, small-town communities, and multi-cum-interdisciplinary projects through his ongoing Nomadic Experiment (http://nomadicexperiment.com/).