South Park

South Park – Public Art Initiative

Artist Faith47's made a significant contribution to the Los Angeles public art program with her mural entitled,“The Preciousness of the Hunt” in the South Park community in Downtown Los Angeles. The work launched the South Park Public Art Incentive and celebrating and commemorating the revitalization of the neighborhood, as a positive reflection on the future of this community. Faith47, proposed a poetic motif of elegant swans to be painted across a prominently positioned wall at the center of this district. The artwork can be found on the wall at the Flower Street Lofts residential building, on the corner of 12th and 1130 South Flower Street. Accented with gold it stretches horizontally along the wall above the trees and is easily viewed by Metro passengers, visitors to the Convention Center and the LA Live complex. As the links between the economic health of a community and the quality of social bonds are becoming increasingly clear, South Park residents and businesses are invested into developing themselves as a cultural destination point in the City of Los Angeles.

“The South Park community is committed to seeing a successful and meaningful public art campaign in the district, and rallied together to make this mural a reality,” said Lall.  “Through a vibrant partnership with the Do Art Foundation, we anticipate this mural being the first of several pieces in an elaborate and highly curated series for the neighborhood.  The long-term goal is for South Park to continue to evolve as a world-class cultural destination, showcasing some of the finest integrated art.”

Following an active street art career spanning more than fifteen years, Faith47's work can now be found in major cities around the world. We are proud to have her artwork as an incredible landmark in the Downtown area that will be enjoyed by both visitors and residence. Special thanks to Hertz Entertainment, Blick Art on Beverly and South Park BID for supporting this work.           



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