DourOne: South Park District

Los Angeles has embraced the artists DourOne since their arrival, and this is the second mural they have created and is the largest artwork they have created to date.  Finalized on March 2nd, 2015, this commissioned mural on the corner of Hope Street and 12th is found in the South Park District and is an important addition to the South Park Public Art initiative. This piece is a personal memoir from the artists, as it moves through their first visit to Los Angeles, and illustrates the lasting impressions that it had on these European Artists.  Starting on the left we see the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, in the middle we travel to the architectural homes on the hills of Silverlake, and then we continue on to the high rises in the downtown area. The sophisticated black and white painting is highly detailed and sits in front of a northern view of downtown, with tall skyscrapers framing it from behind. The timeless etched style of DourOne is quickly gaining momentum in popularity and will soon.  Special thanks to Brandon Edwards, Blick Art on Beverly, Hertz Entertainment, Mario at The Brick restaurant and the South Park BID.  This was truly a community effort!


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