Christina Angelina, Stephen V Williams, EaseOne

Located on the corner of Pico and Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles, mural which is part of the South Park Public Art Initiative.  Artists Christina Angelina, Stephen V Williams and EaseOne have created a tremendous work, whose composition is inspired by motion and time.  The clay tones work into the skin and flesh of the woman, on one side, examining the skull of a bird, on the other side the creature is perched, taking flight - electric blue and ready to burst into the Los Angeles sky. This artist collaboration is a first for the three, and the realism found in Angelina’s faces, intricate lettering expressed by EaseOne that comprises the layering background and surrealistic palette of Stephen V. Williams work found in the bird all blend together in this incredible artwork. Finalized in March 2015 it is and beautiful addition to the increasing murals created within the South Park Public Art program. Special thanks to American Rentals, Blick Art on Beverly and South Park BID for supporting this work.


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