CASE Maclaim: Mural Art: South Park District

German graffiti artist CASE created a spectacular piece for the downtown residence of South Park. Here the artist used hands to show community ties, and the intentions behind the Center where it is placed on to support all members of our society and give them a place to call home.  The number indications of three articulates the way that Europeans signify that number and compares it with the way Americans signify the number three.  The sub-context behind this reiterates the connections and diversities we collectively bring in urban centers, the subtle shifts in culture and communication.

CASE, a founding member of the infamous MA`CLAIM crew, is one of the most innovative young artists making waves in contemporary German (and international) art. Not only are his pieces totally unique in subject matter and his technique one of the most extraordinary to be found (photorealistic images using spray paint), the development of his work is thoughtful both in consideration of the architecture, and position and selection of the subject.