Thomas Dillmann - Chairman of the Board

An information architect, Thomas Dillmann has been involved with the Internet since 1998. Focused on creating useful products and enjoyable site experiences, he has created user experiences for Holland America, Harbor Freight, Alpine, State of Washington, SAP, Autodesk, Microsoft, GM, Red Lion, Sony, MPAA, FOX, NBC, ABC, and Playboy. In addition to participating in several early-start ventures (including on-demand video over IP for Hilton, LodgeNet, RespondTV and FasTV), Thomas has led large-scale enterprise projects that align the needs of the customer with the mandates of a sustainable business. Thomas holds a BA from UCSB and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Josh Flemming - President

An accomplished creative and technical director, Josh Flemming has worked extensively as an architectural designer in the entertainment, design, and trade-show industries. Not only has his work been featured in various design magazines (Biz Bash, Event Design), but he has also won awards (Best Outdoor Consumer Event Exhibit and Best Environment by Event Design Magazine) for the dozens of installations he has designed. In addition to co-founding the creative event company, The Do LaB, Josh is also co-founder of the Lightning in a Bottle festival, southern California's premier eco music and arts festival.

Jesse Flemming - Vice President

Jesse Flemming has worked in the entertainment industry for the past decade and, after a series of successes in music recording, performance, and production, he co-founded the event company, The Do LaB, where he focuses on the creative decision-making and musical direction of the business. Jesse's enthusiasm for—and interest in—DO ART is rooted in his desire to have a direct hand in supporting the next generation of artists by fostering children's programs and helping young people follow their creativity and realize dreams.

Dede Flemming - Treasurer

Driven by a fascination for sociological analysis, the study of the production process, and the critique of artistic styles and aesthetic forms, Dede Flemming pursue these three interrelated areas of media studies in both his professional and personal life. Thanks to his formal education at Penn State University and his work in television production, Dede's business savvy and practical skills have granted him a crucial understanding of—and unique insight into—both the financial and operative necessities of a large company. Dede's passion for facilitating creativity and actualizing the artistic visions of his partners has played an integral role both in the success of The Do LaB and in the growth of the accomplished art festival he also co-founded, Lightning in a Bottle. After his global travels affirmed the importance of integrating art into communities far and wide, Dede decided to act upon this revelation and, through DO ART, is committed to using his skills to encourage community creativity and introduce more art into the public realm.

Tanner Blackman - Board Member
Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California

Tanner Blackman is a partner at Kindel Gagan Public Affairs Advocacy and an adjunct instructor of urban planning at USC’s Price School of Public Policy.  From 2012 through mid-2015, Tanner was the Planning Director for Councilmember José Huizar of LA City Council District 14, overseeing development in Downtown Los Angeles and staffing the City Council’s Planning & Land Use Management Committee.

 Tanner has also been a planner for the Code Studies Section of the City of LA’s Department of City Planning, where he led efforts to end Los Angeles’ mural moratorium, and a lecturer for the Future Initiatives Program (SCIFI) at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

 In addition to the Do Art Foundation, Tanner is a Board Member of Art Share LA.  He serves on the Exhibits Committee of the Architecture & Design Museum (A+D) and as a technical advisor to various non-profit arts organizations.  He has also served as an elected Director of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council and on boards and committees of several professional organizations, including the American Institute of Architects | LA and the LA Section of the American Planning Association.