Taco Madness


April 15th, 2014 - 12noon - sunset


Grand Park, LA


Do Art Foundation curated 20 live painters to create this incredible event that celebrated the culture of Los Angeles hosted at Grand Park downtown. This event is hosted by LA Taco - the largest and best-known Art Blog in the LA. Each artist will donate the paintings they create during the festival to a local charity of their choice - as a way to create visibility for these important contributors. All of the materials were sponsored by Blick Art supplies. Please support us to create more cultural programming like this!

Artists Involved

Defer, Sand One, Germs, Big Sleeps, Steve Martinez, Jim Mahfood, Van Saro, Codak, Vyal, Max Neutra, Calder, Evan Mendleson, Make One, Gianni Arone, Rajiv Jain, MearOne, CanLove