Bobber Zunzun


April 29th, 2012


Hummingbird Nest Ranch


Do Art Foundation hosted alongside of Hummingbird Nest Ranch a vintage Motorcycle Festival to raise awareness towards Veteran outreach and programs. The “first of its kind” fundraiser and exclusive custom bike festival showcased bands, entertainment, veteran organizations and art, including a big cook out hosted by the Ojai Deer Lodge. This event took place at the beautiful Hummingbird Nest Ranch April 29, 2012. Motorcycle rides were scheduled around the county. Custom motorcycles were showcased around the estate house for attendees and trophies were created by well known bike manufacturing organizations. Veteran Organizations had booths, as well as sponsors in the community and custom bike and car shops. Music was featured on a stage with a mix of circus-style performances throughout the day for festival entertainment.

We were proud to host this family-friendly festival for motorcycle/car enthusiasts, art, music, and performances based around community support for veterans. It was an incredible event.

Artists Involved

Deer Leg, Death and Taxes, Gene Lewis, Kim Manning, In Sex vs Robots, The Shrine, The Mayfly Dance, Buffalo Electric, Chuck Dukowski

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