Back Alley


January 26th, 2013 to February 1st, 2013


LA Street Art Gallery


Do Art Foundation co-curated a project in January 2013 with LA Street Art Gallery based on the promotion of artists working with both organizations as a celebration of artists working in the public realm. An exhibition of art, dance, fashion and music connected to the streets.

An incredible mix of international artists and local artists were exhibited along with an incredible variety of workshops from Artists exhibiting and the Hip Hop School of Art that included:

• Intro to Slam Poetry
• History of Graffiti
• Bboy Workshop
• Stencliling
• Lettering
• Wheatpasting

The closing night had a variety of talents showcasing the diversity of Street Art culture:

Dance Performances: The Body Poets, Airforce Crew, x:Animo (, Luana Simpson and Angel B Fashion Show: Streetcraft, Timbuktu, Perros by Najha

Artists Involved

CanLove, Mear One, Cyrcle, Fred Caron, Haunted Euth and others