LA Art Show: Special Art Event


Friday, January 29th: 3:00pm-9:00pm


Our Special Art Event will take place at various points at:

Gilbert Lindsey Plaza (the area in front of the convention center)

***There will be a FREE shuttle service between the LA Art Show and Fabrik Art Fair and FREE admission for all guests who can show an LA Art Show ticket***



The LA Art Show, the 200,000 square foot art fair that welcomed more than 50,000 art enthusiasts to the Los Angeles Convention Center this past year, will launch its newly curated art show experience at the upcoming 2016 event. Looking back on the 20 year history of the LA Art Show, one can’t help noticing how it has evolved, changing locations and growing in diversity to reflect the trajectory of the burgeoning Los Angeles art scene. For the 2016 show, we want to offer visitors and collectors a new hosted art experience which will entail a fair devoted to only Modern and Contemporary art. Located next door, the Los Angeles Fine Art Show will exhibit works of Historic and Traditional Contemporary Art. Founded in 1994, the LA Art show has grown from a small regional event featuring 14 galleries to become the largest and longest running platform for fine art, bringing in more than 120 galleries representing 22 countries.


1.) Doron Gazit (sculptures)


Title: Red Line/ Burt Trees: Drawing the Line

Statement: Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line is intended as a warning, as a metaphor for the arteries of life, and a call to awareness. This artwork calls attention to the repetitive drought conditions in California that will certainly result in a dramatically changed landscape in the cities.

Burnt Trees: Drawing the Line is an installation featuring actual branches burnt in forest fires in the Los Angeles vicinity. The branches are reconfigured on aluminum truss supports, creating an overall effect of burnt trees in vanishing forests. In stark contrast to the black branches and aluminum towers, a ‘red line’ pierces the installation. The streak of red acts as an ‘emergency signal’ urging visitors, as they walk through the installation to consider the need to avert the dark reality of this ‘burnt forest.  

Bio: Doron Gazit is an environmental artist and designer whose installations engage the landscape. With nature as his canvas, he reveals invisible currents of nature. Using nature and urban environments as his canvas. They create a dialogue of air, wind, and sun.

Gazit is now focusing his attention on serious ecological issues of the climate change that challenge our generation and are a threat to generations to come. So far, he has dramatically installed 500 feet long red AirTubes in the sinkholes of the Dead Sea, and drought and devastation in the San Joaquin Valley. Plans to go next summer with the red line to the melting glaciers of Iceland and Alaska, floating islands of trash in the oceans and more. His brightly colored three-dimensional lines in such bleak landscapes create haunting images that alert observers to the urgent need to remedy and protect our endangered environment.

2.) Patrick Shearn


Bio: Patrick Shearn - Founder, Creative Designer, Mechanical & Technical Designer, Fabricator

Patrick spent his youth as a construction worker in Alaska and a wilderness guide in the Grand Canyon & Baja California where he developed a true understanding of what a person is capable of when driven by a passion to create, experience and explore. Always an artist, he attended the School of Visual Arts film department in New York City with the desire to make monsters and creatures for films and television. His film credits for creature effects and visual effects include: Twilight 4&5 Breaking Dawn, G-force, Cirque du Freak, Starship Dave, Rush Hour 3, Spiderman 3, Ultraviolet, The In-laws, Antitrust, Fight Club, Interview with the Vampire, Strange Days, Batman Returns and Jurassic Park. His high aesthetic & technical standards and problem-solving skills have led to a superior reputation both professionally and personally. The same passion, imagination and ingenuity that have been integral to Patrick’s film industry success have also fueled an expansive set of non-film related and personal artistic endeavors in sculpting, writing, theatrical and event production. Patrick’s work with Poetic Kinetics is inspired by a desire to bring people real-world experiences infused with magic.

3. Onyx Galactic (performance art)

Website: N/A

Title: Honorable Aggression

Statement: The goal of “Honorable Aggression” is to commemorate the individuals who have and are currently facing injustice head on instead of staying silent. This conversation recognizes that individuals who speak-up around issues of color in our society are often labeled as radical.

Bio: Onyx Galactic is a performance art duo composed of by Andres Copeland and Shacole Hamlett. Their aim is to shed light on the experiences of beings of color on this planet by utilizing a combination of visual art, dance, and theater to offer a glimpse into a world of afrofuturism. Their work seeks to challenge expectations and common understandings of what it means to be Black in 2016. They use their bodies as vehicles to personify intangible ideas and offer a window of opportunity for new perspectives.

4. Ubutnu Dance (sculpture performance)


Bio: Seeking an audience stimulated by radical thought, challenging intellect and the modesty of timeless beauty, we, The Ubuntudance Project, are a group of performers wanting to apply our gifts to something grater. We hope to find ways to raise awareness, for ourselves and for others, through movement and the beauty hidden within the grime of reality. We wish to explore human nature in all its forms, fearlessly, not to shock, rather to expose its complexity & the magnificent in it. In a society in which impermanence has been compressed into consumerism, we will take a closer look at the invariability of our own empathic nature, we will dance to all that we no longer pay attention to and let our truths unfold through all possible reflections. We will be honest, we will be sorry, we will make fun of it and we will dance it all out.


5.) Scott Rhea (video projection)


Title: Video Projection TBA

Bio: Scott is a visual artist and director with a strong background in Photography, Along with an internationally recognized collection of still images, Scott has recently broken boundaries in new directions with experiential art and new media installations.


6.) Think Tank (street art installations)


Statement: Think Tank Gallery and Superchief Gallery present an exhibition of muralists who’ve taken on the task of completely transforming a fleet of box trucks. By using a dynamic, three-dimensional canvas, artists are able to completely transform the identity of each vehicle both inside and out. When world-renowned artists can build, paint, and design on this large of a scale, the result is nothing short of a spectacle.



Luke Pelletier grew up in western North Carolina. He graduated with a BFA in fine art from SAIC in 2015. Living in a tourist town for much of his life, he has been heavily influenced by seasonal economies, as well as the multi-level relationships, dependence and resentment, between tourists and locals. Much of Luke’s art blurs the lines between celebrating and condemning a culture that agrees to be taken advantage of while it takes advantage of others. His art is filled with personal anecdotes, dark humor, dualities, contradictions, repetition, and scenes of paradise that are simultaneously pristine and decaying. Luke Pelletier uses photography, painting, sculpture, social practice, writing, and craft to riff on his moral dilemmas with romance, objectification, labor, competition, tourist culture, capitalism, addiction, free will, masculinity, fun, and Americana.



Teddy Kelly is an artist whose designs are the product of converging cultural influences. He grew up in Mazatlan, Mexico and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Being near the beach for nearly his whole life has injected him into skate and surf culture, a factor that has defined his artwork. Both the jobs that found him and his unquenchable need to constantly push for a more nuanced style are byproducts of his proximity to skate culture.

Awarded an honorable mention for Illustration by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, his career took off after college, seeing him creating the identity of worldwide skate companies and then moving into a career in fine and commercial art, featured internationally alongside some of his biggest inspirations. His current printmaking, illustration and personal mural projects are an expression of his current perspective as a brand new father. In the last few years that perspective has taken an impressive turn, jutting illustration up against geometric abstraction and some overly complicated gradients and shading that are mind-bending in execution but relaxing in aesthetic.

His most recent clients include the Museum of Art & History in Lancaster, Hennessy, Facebook/Oculus Rift, Coachella, Warner Bros., Pepsi, New Balance, Volcom, Odd Future, Ambig, and more. He lives by the mantra, “Follow the Bliss” and “Enjoy the Ride.”


Sheryo and Yok paint as a couple and they travel the world leaving their mark.

Sheryo is an artist who paints imperfect gnarly characters that are calming to disoriented souls, and might cause skitter skatter explosions in the brain … Working collaboratively with The Yok, they have exhibited and painted in various parts of the world – Mexico, NY, Atlanta, LA, Belgium, Seoul, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Cambodia.

The Yok grew up in Perth, Australia where he completed a Bachelor of Arts. Soon after, he moved to Africa and South East Asia to explore ideas and new cultures. These travels and explorations have had a long lasting effect on his work. More recently, The Yok collaborated with Sheryo on ceramic projects in Vietnam and sculptural and Batik pieces in Indonesia. Sheryo hails from Singapore and started painting in the streets in 2005. In 2008, she started her travels and moved to Cambodia in 2011. Working from a home studio in the red light district of Phnom Penh, she delved deeper into her twisted world of exquisite lines and quirky mythology. Sticking close to their roots, the duo experiment with ancient artisan techniques from lost eras and remix them with their bold styles, their inspirations usually come from their vast travels, to create a beautiful cacophony of old and contemporary. The pair work from a Brooklyn Studio in New York for most of the year and the rest of the year they spend looking for art adventures


Raised on surf/skate art and comics, and influenced by the likes of Jim Phillips and Todd Mcfarlane, Steiner began spray painting walls during middle school in the 90's. After traveling abroad and formal art training he returned to his street art and graffiti roots. He has lived and painted in San Francisco, New York and now resides in Los Angeles. His work is reminiscent of the Toxic Avenger it shows mans effect on nature and its manipulation of the environment. His work often has mutated beasts with multiple eyes, bright un-earthy colors and smoke ring cloud (pollution) backgrounds.... so the 3 eyed Simpsons fish is a good reference to sum it up.... an actual issue with a somewhat humorous delivery.


7. Edvarda Braanas (narrative murals)


Title: Mnemosyne

Statement: MENMOSYNE is a series of narrative paintings inspired by the Odyssey from Greek mythology. Their almost sequential compositions are reminiscent of a massive storyboard where each has an individual story of a challenge facing Mnemosyne, the protagonist. Her story is narrated through a chorus, a group of performers, who comment on the dramatic actions. The works and concept was a three year journey in Los Angeles, California from 2011-2014.

Bio: Edvarda is a Norwegian artist now living in Los Angeles. For over twenty years, Edvarda's distinct style has fascinated audiences throughout Scandinavia and much of Europe. Her unique approach is storytelling on canvas as she blends pop-cultural imagery inspired by film, photography, fashion and advertising.

Her work is meticulous in execution while rooted in her trademark traditional craftsmanship. Taking three years to complete, "Mnemosyne" is Edvarda's large-format painting series that was completed in the spring of 2014.

Edvarda studied at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy and at the University of Oslo. Edvarda has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is the recipient of several prestigious scholarships and grants.


8. Heath Satow (sculptures)

Bio: Born 1969, American, Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Well into his second decade of creating large public sculptures, Satow has enjoyed a wide scope of work with architects, designers, private clients and galleries. His proficiency with a variety of materials, techniques and styles has contributed to his reputation as a creative and reliable artist/craftsman. The focus of his work has been on contemporary metal sculpture, with a primary interest in steel and stainless steel as a material.

Satow's formal training as a designer has enabled him to create sculptures that work harmoniously with their surroundings, while his instinct as an artist gives him the inspiration and creativity to produce fresh and distinctive work. His art has been commissioned for many public sites including an airport, a zoo, hospitals, private businesses and museums. These works often become icons and points of reference for the communities where they are located



Shrine On (sculpture/ installation)


Title: Love Without End

Statement: Created with found trash collected in the country side and from recycling centers in Thailand 2014 and reused materials gathered in East Los Angeles 2015

Bio: Brent Spears, aka Shrine On, is a prolific Los Angeles contemporary folk artist working on sculptures, installations, interactive works and murals.  Shrine’s first exhibited at the acclaimed 'La Luz De Jesus Gallery' where curator Shrine’s art and process has been shaped and defined by transformational moments in his life which are often reflected in the process of art creation as well as his commitment to community inspired and integrated works.

Shrine notes, “My journey continues, each moment of self expression leading to the next, and so it goes, chasing inspiration, painting buildings and creating installations internationally.”  Shrine’s work has been recognized and exhibited by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the California Folk and Craft Art Museum in Los Angeles, SCOPE MIami at Art Basel Miami, the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum.


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