South Park 50th Anniversary Event


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


1147 S. Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015


The South Park Public Art Plan is a partnership between South Park BID and Do Art Foundation. The community outreach strategy was launched on August 18th at the South Park BID's 10 Year Anniversary Green Carpet Event, as a way to display art in the district with an inaugural public art tour. The Green Carpet event featured mobile murals from Bicicleta Sem Frieo and Cyrcle, lightboxes by Jana Cruder, tango dance by Leandro & Laila Oliver, video projections by Likuid Art and DevNGosha, poetry from Robert Montgomery, and site-specific dance by the Ubuntu troupe, choreographed by Linda Borrini.

The plan is the culmination of professional observation, surveys and community input surrounding South Park District, its culture and artistic contributions to public art in Los Angeles. We have looked at the obstacles and goals of this community as it is developing, the long-term vision for this area via stakeholders and long-standing residence hopes for this community.  As a result of Do Art's relationship with the South Park BID in curation and facilitation of public art, we will place our efforts on three areas of establishing a final plan: solidifying our role with civic as a key player to support the public art goals we have identified, solidifying our relationships with developers and community-based organizations to support their needs and impact on the South Park communities, networking with other art organizations, projects & artists that are creating art in the area. 

The plan also recognizes that if we are to continue to provide quality services to the community, we must ensure that we have a strong communications and a holistic approach to ensure that these future programs are supported by the South Park residence and larger Los Angeles public. Our plan is firmly rooted in our commitment to democratizing art and connecting art and communities.