Do Art increases the value and vitality of communities by improving cultural access to, and visibility of, art. Focused on the creation, and curation of art within the public realm, we are a dynamic liaison between artists, urban developers, community members, local businesses, & civic leaders, to place artwork that achieves shared goals. Recognizing art's undeniable power as a source of inspiration and invigoration, Do Art designs and develops projects that revitalize both physical and social landscapes. We create artistic experiences that catalyze cultural exchanges, connect communities, and engage the public's imagination. Do Art serves the public, first and foremost, and aspires to improve and augment the overall quality of life of those individuals and neighborhoods it services through culturally-attuned and aesthetically-stimulating artistic manifestations.



1) ACCESS – Do Art believes access to art is a universal right, not an exclusive privilege reserved for select institutions and individuals. As such, Do Art aspires to democratize artistic experiences by making use of public spaces as open-air galleries and exhibition spaces, bringing art out of museums and galleries and onto the streets.

2) EXPERIENCE + EXPRESSION – Do Art believes both creative expression and artistic experiences are fundamental not only to our shared cultural legacy and evolution, but also to our common human condition, collective human identity, and united global civilization; art does, after all, play an integral role in the enhancement and expression of our human experience.

3) ENGAGEMENT + EXCHANGES – Do Art operates as an open forum for constructive dialogue and creative conversations, while simultaneously serving as a platform for creative exchanges, cultural production, and artistic collaborations.

4) INCLUSION + PARTICIPATION – Do Art embraces cultural vitality and diversity, servicing a broad range of communities and engaging with individuals of all socio-economic strata. As both an incubator and catalyst, DO ART nurtures, harnesses, initiates, and fosters creative projects while inviting and encouraging public participation.

5) INSPIRATION + UNIFICATION – Do Art deems inspiration is more crucial now than ever before. Not only does art have the capacity to invite its audience into a transcendent experience, but it also seduces the senses and serenades the imagination. As a generative practice, art is an essential component of our human experience that has the potential to unlock creative thinking, advance new ideas, and drive innovation. Furthermore, as a tool for communication and self-expression, art has the potential to serve as a humanitarian unifier, creating camaraderie through shared artistic encounters, inciting solidarity by highlighting our common human condition, and encouraging conflict resolution by catalyzing collective consciousness and promoting creative reconciliation.