The Do Art Foundation is a non­profit organization that develops multi-disciplinary artistic projects and programs with--and for--the public to bring creative insight and inspiration to our contemporary culture. Working closely with community members, civic leaders, artists, and even software developers (augmented reality projects in cooperation with AR developer Elinext) Do Art produces custom-conceived projects that are designed with each specific location in mind, tailoring each project to the specific needs and wants of the community it is serving while taking into account its anticipated audience and pre-existing surroundings. As a liaison and incubator, Do Art not only bridges the gap between creatives, developers, and funders, but also fosters fledgling and emerging artists and new technologies granting them exposure in the public realm while connecting them with municipal resources. Aspiring to propel art in the public landscape, support community-inspired creativity, and advance our cultural legacy as a collective global community, Do Art works to ensure it impacts the communities it serves in a positive way, embracing art as a tool of empowerment and engagement, progress and transformation, community cohesion and cultural evolution.